We previously sold the first CD by Nicola Randone,Morte di un Amore, which was released by Nicola himself and about which we wrote: “Here is a new artist from Sicily performing in the Italian romantic progressive tradition. Fans of 1970’s Italian progressive rock are familiar with this style, which really requires Italian-language vocals. Randone has a fabulous voice and the music stands up well to his influences, which would seem to be Franco Battiato, Alan Sorrenti, Claudio Rocchi, Aldo Tagliapietra (Le Orme), and Locanda delle Fate. Highly orchestrated, symphonic, lush and romantic, fans of Italian progressive will not be disappointed.” Nuvole di Ieri(2003) is his 2nd CD. Nicola added a guitarist and drummer to make it a band while shortening the name to Randone. It’s a noticeable improvement on his 1st. Most significantly, Beppe Crovella of Arti & Mestieri not only produced the album but plays keyboards throughout, so the album is full of Mellotron, Hammond, Moog, and other keys. It’s always great to see musicians from the first generation of prog working with younger musicians who are carrying on the tradition. And Nuvole di Ieri certainly does carry on that tradition, with a slightly more contemporary guitar style.

Ricordo (2004) is stunning. Randone is a quintet here, and that doesn’t even count Beppe Crovella, whose vintage keys are again all over this album. This suite is noticeably different from Randone’s previous work. Stylistically, it could have come straight out of the classic 1970’s era of Italian progressive rock. Lushly orchestrated and full of beautiful vocals, we could mention Locanda Della Fate, Banco, and many others. Randone has quietly become one of the most important Italian bands currently active.