I wasn’t exactly overjoyed when i saw 18 tracks at just over 43 minutes,but thankfully some of them blend into one another.This is modern RPI from a talented man named Nicola Randone.He enlisted the help of ARTI & MESTIERI keyboardist Beppe Crovella who adds a variety of keyboards including mellotron into the mix. To be honest i didn’t even like this after the first listen but it has grown on me.I’m not even sure why this hasn’t clicked with me because all the elements that i like about RPI are here. There are some really excellent passages throughout this record.It’s interesting hearing the lead guitarist while Randone is playing over top with his 12 string guitar.There are some fairly heavy sections on here as well.Some guest female vocals on one track are good and there are some word samples sprinkled throughout leaving me to believe this is a concept album. I hope this will continue to grow on me but right now i can’t offer up the fourth star.