I was attracted enough to start my pursuit of Randone’s studio albums after I heard their work with Spaghetti epic and others in this series. But their studio albums somehow disappointed me, as I expected a lot after what I hear in previously mentioned albums.

But this one is different. Maybe I was too hard on them before, and/or didn’t spend so much time with them as I probably should, but with this one, I’ve fell in love on first sight (read hear).

Melodic, calmly wild (you can hear the music all the times being as living organism, mostly because of synths (organs / keyboards, whatever you call them). Many short songs, but they all sounds together as concept album (by which I mean theme concept, similar sounds), almost like a parts of one big song (quite a lot big song). The music is unstoppable (you can’t stop progress they say), vocals are pleasant (as it mostly is in RPI).

5(-), strong represent of modern Italian prog with strong chance of being more than just better average for Prog loving people.

EDIT: Changed rating. Because of melodic element (this record is really pleasure to listen), different viewpoints, repeated listens (this album really grows better by each listening), because I understand it better now, am in better mood (not really important point as long as I give album more spins) and also I now heard and reviewed more music so I can adjust these here.

When we sum all these impossible reasons, the result is masterpiece. Finally, Nicola Made it.

It’s long, but not long enough, because this is far from being “way too long”.

By the way, really nice artwork, but I’ve already said that somewhere.

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