Last year Italian progrock band Randone surprised us with their fourth studio album entitled Hybla Act 1, it was a very acclaimed one on Prog Archives, my 3 star rating looked a bit poor in comparison with all the other 4 and 5 star ratings!

This DVD is live registration of their concert in July 2005 in Italy with bonus features like an additional audio track entitled Il Buono and interviews. It was a full house with an enthousiastic crowd, a fine lightshow and good camera shots. The sound quality is not optimal but to me it sounds decent, no complaints, this is not Pink Floyd or ELP! Randone their music is between symphonic rock, folk, classical and rock, build upon the inspired vocals by the musical brainchild Nicola Randone, fine electric guitar work (from sensitive to some Spanish in Bernardo Cabrera and even prog metal in La fine dei Chiaramonte) and moving violin play by two young men along pleasant contributions on saxophone, flute and keyboards (from organ to an impressive choir-Mellotron sound). Randone plays the entire Hybla Act 1 concept album, it sounds very tasteful and melodic.

If you love their CD Hybla Act 1, this DVD will please you for sure!