I love this website so much, especially when you win stuff, like this album.

I woke up today, and was suprised to see a big package in the post. I noticed it was a book? What the hell, I knew I won an album from a band called Randone, but I didnt know it was a book.

Yes this album does come with a book…in Italian.

Now, I did like the idea of a book accompanying an album (The Tangents Not As Good As The Book was quite funny.) But because it was Italian, a language that I do not know, I was sad because it looked to be quite good, and I couldn’t be arsed to learn Italian just to read this book ( I do know enough French & Spanish t guess some of it).

Now, onto the album.

It was suprisingly great. It really was a super dooper album from a really unheard of guy in my opinion. (Maybe he is quite big in Italy)

This album has a very neo prog vibe to it, like Marillion & IQ, but at times, splots of Genesis can be heard.

Nicola’s voice is pretty interesting and the Italian language realy does flow well with singing, as you would notice with Italian arias.

This was also sent to me by Nicola Randone himself, which is quite cool, but I feel sorry I didn’t pay for it, oh well, his loss, my gain hahahaha.

1. S.I.B. (Prolouge) – Amazing build up in atmosphere. Fantastic instrumental work. 9/10

2. Primo Dell’Anno – Very Marillion. Great use of mellortrons. The vocal harmonies are very beautifull. Love the circus song at the end. 9/10

3.Differenze – Just an amazing piece of melodic prog. The synths in this song rule. Great vocals from Nicola. Was nice to hear a Martin Luther King speech at the end. 9/10

4. Promesse – Whispering in Italian always sounds quite sinister and almost archaic to me. Amazing use of keyboards and weird use of sound effects. 8/10

5. La Cella Degli Amori Estinti – Very nice & timid. Lovely acoustic solos. 8/10

6. Spreanze – The instrumenal section sounds like Tetris haha. Quite eccentric but still great. 8/10

7. Emanuela – Wow, what a vocal performance. Just overall an amazing piece of music. Quite beautiful as well. Again, some amazing spanish acoustic work. 9/10

8. Linea Di Confine – Suprisingly very catchy. Just amazing in every possible way. The vocals really show some amazing emotion. The video for this song is also pretty cool. 10/10

9. Devresti Non Scordare – A beautiful cheesy ballad. Great chorus. 9/10

10. Buona Notte – Reminds me of an Eels song. Love the toy piano in this song. The ending is weird. 8/10

11. Preghiera Di Un Re – Incredibly beautifull intro. The piano work in this song is amazing. I love the electronica like backbeat of the song. Again the mellotron is used wonderfully. 9/10

12. Ritorno -Very Genesis. Great changes in mood throughout. 8/10

13. 22 Aprile – Quite laidback and soothing. Great organ work. 8/10

14. La Caduta Della Mia Stella – Beautiful atmospheric guitar and mellotron work. Suprisingly eerie at times. Mostly another laid back, almost ballad like song. 8/10

15. Amori – Again it reminds me of the Eels, although everybody does. It’s a wee bit too similar to the last song. The instrumental section is very weird and has a very Genesis meets latin vibe to them. 7/10

16. Epilogo – A nice way to end the album.Very beautifull ending. 8/10

CONCLUSION: I’m now able to look without fear into the world of Italian prog. Thank you Randone.