The Italian band RANDONE is formed around vocalist/guitarist/keyboardplayer NICOLA RANDONE, who is also responsible for writing all the lyrics and music of this CD. He sings as well, together with a female singer Maria Modica, which is quite rare for classic Italian sounding prog, but it sounds very good after all. Anyway, 6 songs are on the RANDONE CD, and it all sounds quite impressive, very typical classic 70s Italo Prog, so nice instrumental work crossed with beautiful vocal melodies. One of the absolute highlights is the 21 minutes counting opening piece “Jill”, which basically offers everything you want to hear in a classy prog piece. The other 5 songs are quite short (except for the wonderful 7 minutes counting “Giulia”), but I think the 40 minutes of playing time are enough for the fan of classic Italo Prog!